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Mabinogi: My future is not a dream

  Today online games give us a false impression, as if the game is mainly is mainly a pure battle of the game, but not fighting the online games that children play a game every family. Now most of the online games are defines, and a monster, and the NPC fight, and fight players, personal PK, trade unions fighting the war even.

  Other elements of the game, although there are some such as upgrading of equipment, sell to the sale, and earn much mabinogi gold, the keeping of pets. In order to fight these monsters are also doing preparatory work. The pure fighting online games, playing a long time certainly would be very boring.
  Mabinogi in the world, fighting not only to the sole purpose of the game, players can also engage in the work of many non combatants to the game. NPC can be received in the various part time works, and the players themselves can also be done through the textile clothing, and the production of weapons through Wrought Iron, a concert by composer. Players do not fight monsters, upgrading and earn cheap mabinogi, but also playing very happy.
  Mabinogi is a Q version of online games, she create a better life to reflect the true world. Mabinogi and the basic laws of the world similar to real life, but a higher degree of freedom, can give players more space and imagination play space. In the real life, people must use money to buy thing, in this game it also like this; you can use money to buy mabinogi gold, then you use it to buy things. Mabinogi set in the context of the world are living with the real world of similar age, the small remote mountain village, the quiet town of game characters is the main place of residence. This set gives people a warm feeling, even if in the game you can not earn more mabinogi money, you also can feel the feeling, as if players are here to vacation or travel, which for most of the fast paced urban life in the people; it is a yearning for luxury thing.
  The virtual world of basic content must also be consistent with real life, such as the need to eat, rest, recreation, also need to work and study, it also use mabinogi online gold to buy things. In reality yes, there are also in the game. In real life, as some objective reasons, a person experience is very narrow, but the game is different, as long as you wish, can do anything. In the game only you can not think of, no you can not. In this virtual environment can be reflected in the audience to life in peacetime or not difficult to get the enjoyment and pleasure. Therefore, I can be in the game to sing loudly: my future is not a dream.


28.10.08 03:23

LOTRO: A lifetime of memories

  I suddenly thought of LOTRO, that I spent the two days of LOTRO, although I have not played for several years. Now I have to try to find the mark, at one time, I also spent some money to buy LOTRO Gold, but I do not have anywhere to be found, my heart endless loss.
  Remember that time, it also have many happy. At first I did not know how to play the game; I know this game is from the internet. Once online, I looked in the internet, I find many people are playing this game, so I also played the game. At first, I did not know how to play the game, and I also have no cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold. Every time I see other people have beautiful clothes, I am very envious. Slowly by friends take, I know how to play the game.
In the game, at that time, I made a lot of friends. I also remember when every time I hit on monster and LOTRO Gold. Every time they always happy for me. I am really very happy. I may not forget all my live. My figure walks around the LOTRO.
  In this fantasy world, I have to find a long friendship. Every day I upgrade, earn Lord Of The Rings Gold and chat, I really feel relax. Until today, the game friends are still never abandoning your beloved, LOTRO let me have so many friends, and it brings me many happy. May be I am a person nostalgic for the game, I can not forget that it carries too much of my memory.
  The emergence of WG to undermine everything destroyed the original balance. When the first time my number was stolen, I looked at the empty warehouse, equipment was looted, and my heart is infinite pain. Later, in my friends help, I have new equipment. My friends said to me we play the game from begin. Later, they took me to play the game every day. Slowly, I forgot that thing. I find the happy as before. My level is the lowest, there is one thing I will only be able to hide behind, I know some people will protect me, and I am very happy.

  But not too long, WG become more terrible. We do not go on playing more and more and I do not know that I have come to LOTRO the way the head. After many years I would like to go to see when I look, but I have not found it. I think it, LOTRO.

28.10.08 03:22

LOTRO: Forever pain of my heart

I recognized you in a very fortuitous opportunity. When we are upgrade and earn Lord of The Ring Online gold, we asked where everyone from, and then because we are from the same place, we met, until later we acquaintance.
I remembered that I just know you, you have wife, and because my husband did not play the game, the spouse of a column vacant for the time being, you often told me something about you and your wife. You often told me how do you love you wife, later, your wife ignore you, you divorce, you feel sad, you all in all, you always share with me when we upgrade and earn cheap LOTRO Gold together.
Later, one day, you suddenly told me that you like me, and I have never thought such a day, then I was at a loss. I wanted to avoid you, but because of your insistence, you actually buy LOTRO Gold send to me. I gradually accepted the fitness of you, when I am prepared to completely accept you, you told me that you like other people, she is my friend, then I did not say anything, just give you a blessing.
You with her sweet days not long after, because she tried of you, you break up. Then you told me that you have discussed your future, you also said you have the opportunity of together with each other, but ultimately, you still could not together. I know you are very sad, I have always been comfort you around you all, I would like to tell you, no matter, you also have me, and I will always have been concerned about you in your side. I will never leave you forever.
Later, we really developed into a lover, but my heart has always been a thorn. I am afraid she will come back to find you, because I heard that she was cheated by a person, and then she always said how you well to her, you always send her LOTRO money, she even said she would like to come back to find you. In fact, this is worry not because I have not confident to you, but not for my own confidence. We have been very happy, although I often because of trivial matters and quarrel with you, but you always very patient to coax me, I am very touched, really, at the same time, I found I more and more like you.
But I worry that thing took place, you still return to her side, ever for her lie to me. In order to accompany her, you always ignore me, finally, I still feel sad, desperate. I do not know you as me what. Now I choose to leave, forever leave. I am sorry, I have said that no matter what I will not leave your side, but I really can not do now, I can no longer keep its promise to you. I am sorry that I left, I hope you always have been so beyond happy and I sincerely hope you can be a long time with her.
26.8.08 07:39

Last Chaos: Painful choice

I recognize him, I do not know if it is the god arrangement, I also do not say why the god let me recognize. It let me know, but it not let me together with each other, I do not know why, I do not know who can tell me. In this game, Buy LastChaos Gold becomes the thing that I often do. I like to buy things to arm my number.
Love a person is really very difficult, I really do not know that there will be so difficult, and sometimes I really wanted to give up the love of her, but I really love her, I do not care she is not the same love me, I know that love her I must be brought happy to her, I like to see her smile, every time I see she smile when she earn a little Last chaos Gold, I always felt very happy. But I love her; I just give her the endless troubles. My heart in the drop of blood, wounds have been deep. For this feeling, I let her pain every day.
  I think a long time; finally I have to make my choice. For her, no matter what I can change, but I more so, I will bring her more deep suffering. Love a person is to make her happy. I can not for myself to bring her the suffering, I still choose to leave, I do not want to leave the game, and I still like Buy Last Chaos in the game.
  I do not want to leave my friends, in this game I made a lot of friends; after all I played one year. In this game, I know we can make good friends in online game, perhaps they are better than you reality friends, at least I think so. In the game, if you have difficult, they can come to help you without purpose. In reality life, people are reality. But for her I still choose to leave; I will remember those friends forever. You are always my good friends. I really hope she can return to the past, the smiling face every day are hung, I think about the past, at first we together upgrade and earn Cheap Lastchaos money, at that time, you are so happy. But now you are sad, I really hate myself; I do not know why I can not bring happiness to her and why I only can choose to leave.
  Perhaps in the network, I stay too long; I can not waving form the wings of the reality of this virtual world. The more I think to leave, the more I could not escape. The hard struggle, I do not know for what. I really do not want to give up; after all we have been concerted efforts. I could not bear to give up. But I do not know if you can give me a chance again. So I only can choose leave.
26.8.08 07:38

EVE: my friends I hope you can come back

 Do you know that that day I played you account earn the ISK, suddenly I found that I was very miss you.

 I really hope you can come back and together play, I felt that every night with you killed the monster and earn the Eve online isk was my most happy time in the day, I felt that the day was special relaxed. I was really miss we together play this game last year, we can by our effort to earn the Eve Isk, we wonderful time so such passage, but I will never forget, you are my first online game friend, in the game you helped me much, at that day you told me that you will left the game, I was refrain from my tears, but today when I write this article, I can not keep my tears, since I went to the junior high school, I cry only have twice, first was my grandfather passed away, in January and the second is that because of your left.

 You said that you need to work hard, and did not play the game again, and send me all your Eve online money to me, I was very sad, you said that you should not let your parents despair, but you let me feel the despair, before your said that you will accompany me play the game forever, but you were break your promise. Life is always such a torment, when you felt happy the sad to follow.

  When you play your account, I am cry, in my mind I was very miss before we chatted with each other, However, it is already gone, we have not together fought, in the game I lost the best friend and most intimate friends, in the reality life, I lost the most staunch friends.

  Now in the game when I see another players play with their friends, I am very admire they, but I have no matter, I only can admire they, now I often Buy Cheap Eve online isk with myself, upgrade with self, I feel very lonely, I really hope you can come back.

 If you still play the game, I think we can together to buy eve isk, I do not want lonely, I need you, now you left the game, I do not know whether I still go on to play this game, I really do not know, if you still in the game I have never think that, but now I have some leave idea.

  Although I do not know your name, but I believe that you and your names will be as strong. Now I only can hope you happy in the reality life.

25.8.08 10:39

Dofus: for the love I leave the game

   Leave the dofus the first day, evening with the friends went to drink and drunk, seems that I already forgot all things and he, I did not think anything.

  The next day when I woke up, I felt that had some headache, hangover felt really bad, when I left the game I said that I will never to play the online game again, but in the afternoon I went to the internet again, because I really can not forgot the game dofus kamas and forgot him. When my friends told me that his account was pilfered, lost all things, after heard my heart did not have a special feeling, but a bit fortunate to that my decision was correct, such a man, not worth me pay.

  Dofus give me bring too much joy and sadness, before we can together play, but now he already had another girlfriend, I think that he will effort to earn the cheap dofus kamas to his new girlfriend, although his account was pilfered.

   Many good friends comforted me, many people chide him, I think all things have passed, in the game there is no absolute right or wrong, after all, in the game without any protection of marriage do not have any responsibility, so I think I can left the kamas, however the dofus also bring me many things, now recall, it seems that only had the love, I experienced too much too much.

  Before in the game we did not had enough dofus kama, so our level were not high, but it did not affect our like the game mood, so we still happy everyday, in the game we effort to play hope that we had more and more achat dofus, now this things already passed. In here I want to wish him, now I already gave up you and hope you happy in the game, hope you with your new girlfriend happy, do not like us, I think I can open up my hand, let you find your happiness, wish you in the game happy.

  If you do not play the online game, I think you do not understand my mood, but I believe that a real input in the game people will understand my ideas. In the game do not put your all mood into the game; in the end you will get the most pain, game only was a game although it can give you happy, but I think it was brief, when you left the game you will find that for this game, you gave up many things. Chances already leave you, and do not spend you all money to buy the dofus money, after all this money in the reality was nit had any used.

 Wish all players in the game can happy, but at the same time, please do not neglect your reality. If we really love the game that he (she), please give their courage.

25.8.08 10:38

Cabal: this game be over my love journey

Cabal online game let my love journey be over, I do not know I should happy or sad, I am very love you, but you give me much sad. This thing happed in last year winter, in the internet I realize a girl, we chatted were very happy, at that day, I let her become my girlfriend, she was very surprise, but still agree.

   She was very like playing the online game, especially like the Cable, everyday she spend many time to play, some time she did not have enough money to bought the Cabal gold, I often gave her some money, in order to let her in the game happy, I began to play this game, every day we together play, one time consecutive two evenings, I accompany her to play the game, together to killed the monster, slowly her level high than me, in the game if she needs something, I will all met her, although it spend me many Cabal money, but I felt that she worth me to do, she was very happy and sais that I am the best people in the world, when I heard this sentence, I was very happy, hardship all forgot.

  Just because at that day, because I want to earn the Cabal online gold in the game, so I did not help her upgrade, than she was very angry and want to breaking up, slowly because the game friends advised her, we did not breaking up, but at the next day, I need to the game association, because I was the president, must go to the game association, I did not eat something a day, after the killing, I went to the eat, but when I came back, she said the breaking up again, I was very angry, so I delete her hierophant account, because this matter, we can forgive each other.

  I really did not know what things she want to get, in order to her, I began to play the online game, before I never to played the online game, in order to her, I spend much money to bought the Cabal alz, but still let her felt discontented, I really did not know what can I do? Love is so naive, but so painful to lose. You said that I was very hypocritical, but you promised that you will not leave me; maybe you already forget you’re said, but I can not forget.

  I really hope that we can become before, before the days we together to earn the cheap Cabal online Alz, the days we were very happy, I really very like you, but I know that no matter what I say, you will not come back, play this game only hope that you can happy in the game, if you felt that left me you felt happy then I defer to your choose.

  Only hope you happy in the game.

25.8.08 10:37

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