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2moons: can not forget the memories

I was a 2moons fan, maybe I played the 2moons already had one year, in this year, I had much happy the same had much sad, play the together to with the friends, together PK or buy 2Moons dil, this feel was very good.

The first time to play the 2moons at the 2005 year, at that time I just left the WOW, in an accidental chance, in the internet I found the 2moons than I download the client and registered an account than began my 2moons trip. Enter the game, I was attracted by the 2moons screen, I think that the 2moons in the online game was the best, whether the beautiful screen or upgrade, I deep love the 2moons. In the game I made many friends, we together struggle, work together, but had a unfortunately thing, when my account had more than 70 levels, my account was pilfered, more than 20 days effort almost went to waste, except the levels, I had nothing, I was very sad, I did not know I can still insist on, at this time, my corps brothers and sisters gave me a big help, they gave me much 2Moons dil, I really very affect, sitting in front of the computer, see they encouraging words, at that moment, I told myself, would never let anyone bully my brothers and sisters.

I resigned from work, in my mind I only want to upgrade and earn the cheap 2Moons dil, in order to this game, I forgot the sleep and eat, only know upgrade, one mouths effort, I went to the 87 levels, then I was shocked, I really could not think that one mouth can upgrade to the 87 levels, maybe because the 2Moons gold, because in order to upgrade quickly I bought many 2Moons money, left the friends had already had one mouths, I was very miss them, so I decided to return the embrace of the organization, than gave them a surprise, I thought that when they saw me they will very happy, we again together to play, my friends were very happy, before they think that I will left the game and did not play the 2moons again, they were very sad, but when they saw me, they were very happy, I found that more strange players, I think that at this mouth, maybe happened many things, more and more people began to play this online game, so I think the 2Moons dil will more and more expensive, fortunately I already had many, gradually, I found that the 2moons seems that had gone away from us, now the 2moons life already changed, with the time, my friends had left the 2moons, only I am still persist, I can not leave the 2moons, because in order to play this game I gave up many things, in my life I already lost the friends I can not lost the 2moons, because in my mind the 2moons is not only a game, it just like my good friend, it gave me more warm, I do not know if I leave the 2moons, my life will changed, so I decided go on play this game.


Now I still play the game, although in the game I again gad many friends, but still often remember before friends.

25.8.08 10:35

LOTRO: Occasionally reminds me, it is a slight smile of happiness

  Originally dismissive of the online games of me, the beginning because my friends left out in the cold and pulled into the Lord of The Ring Online the past. In this way, I became Lord of The Ring Online gamers, and also I spent some Lord of The Ring Online gold in this game.
  I like the game, as long as I play the game, all my work and life in trouble will be gone. Let me the most nostalgia, it is my husband in the game. Once by chance, we recognized in the game, then, logically, I married him. Therefore, we share weal and woe into a game of the husband and wife. We have no much LOTRO money, but we are also very happy. The next course we support each other, no words about. More than two years of time, I was always very happy every day.
  I am very like that I just on the line he sweet called me a wife, I also like called her husband when he just on the line. He often send me some things, I like to saw those things every time I am on the line. I also like that clothes that when we married he buy LOTRO Gold changed. Although he sent me a lot of clothes again, but I still like to wear that clothes. Because of this, I will explain you this, I want to keep certain clothes, in your clean up equipment. I like what he has to help me care; I like that happy feeling that he let me rely on. I like him to do each task return for a gift in the festival, I now also retain all. I like to listen quietly that the quarrel with his girlfriend because his mouth and then I laughed stupid.
  During this time, we often played with each other, we went to upgrade, do task and earn cheap LOTRO Gold, we are always very happy. 2007 New Year day, I can not wait on him online, I think that he resorts to, I will not bother him. In the middle of the night my phone rang, he asked me if I was sleep, he told me he had to get married this weekend and today they went to photo for a day. He also asked me if I want to go to attend his wedding. I was shocked, it is too quickly. To hear this news, I am pleased to present this for you, but I do not know why even some sad. I do not have justifications you for the next few days, although you said you would not like want to get married so early. But I also must be blessing you, thank you for the two years you company me and let me those beautiful memories. I hope you happy forever.



25.8.08 02:51

Last Chaos, my world

  I do not know when I love him, Last Chaos. In my memory, maybe when I first time to meet him I was like him, it just like my lover given me many happy, although I spent some money to Buy LastChaos Gold in the game.
Many players said that in the online games there was bi girl to play online games. In here I want to tell you that you were wrong, because I was a girl and I was very like to played online games especially like the Last Chaos online game. If you did not believe my word you could choose me PK to you. I thought I will win. I used many it that I Buy Last Chaos to arm my number, last I felt it was a waste.
In the Last Chaos online game, I made many friends, in the online game they often helped me without any repay in the life, when I have no money they also can send Last chaos Gold to me, so I was very felicitate that I had these friends. So I will thank you with my heartfelt.
Before, I was an ordinary girl but in the Last Chaos I was not. In the game many friends said that I was very courageous, if I did not said I was a girl that no people believe me I was a girl, the last Chaos given me much self confidence and let me know in the real life I can. I think if do not have this online game I will was an ordinary forever. Thank you, Last Chaos online game.
In here, I want to thank for a foreign people, we recognized in the online game, I often played and earn Cheap Lastchaos money with him, my English level was advance. He often taught me some English grammar when we played Last Chaos online game. Now we are become good friend in the real life.
Last Chaos, you are my world, if I do not have you, I do not know my world what it will become. So I am very thank for this game, you given me much surprise and happy, if let me give up that u think I will die. In my mind, you are not an online game, you are my good friend, I can not without you, and so in order to many players, Last Chaos online game, you must become stronger.
Last Chaos, you are my world, I can not without you, and I wish you will become stronger.
25.8.08 02:49

Leaves temporarily


 Sets firm resolve to leave flyff the 5th day, always felt that many things cannot lie down. “Sell all the things, and delete the number, like this you will again not want to flyff, in your number's things and flyff penya should be possible to sell a good price, it is fortunate that oneself also unconsciously!” A friend urged me like this. “No, even if I do not play this game, my res and flyff money can give my good friends, but my number do not delete~~” I replied without more consideration. When gave up reluctantly the number and all best quality goods have given brothers, (I deeply breathing ~~) I said to myself that: “do not soaring two months plan start officially!!”


My financial resource were biggest once, once good the thing gather my body, I was crazy for BB once, once friendship and dim feeling, and once I was rigid for flyff. In order to access the net, I once the day and nights did not divide ~~ But I should also think for myself, I am a student, I also have the very important test.


Remembered elder sister gave me 200W flyff gold at my most difficult time, then let me ignite courage to the flyff, also therefore let me understand felt gratefully. However I also experience many things. In the flyff world, I tasted the human sentiment changes in temperature, maybe this is also a life. The day rains, I could not go back in the Internet bar, because the money was insufficient. This had the friend to come out saying that: “I have a place to sell the card, I will buy flyff penya for you, and then you can sell the card then to trade some money to go back?” I have not complied, but thought warmly.


But here also has the impervious place. I experience the untold hardships, obtained 5 kingkong finally, but others actually said that was her, I was angry very much. This is an intriguing world. In flyff world, I do not know that has been deceived many cheap penya how many time, some people are may resort to all means for the personal interest. Sometimes, this really is bored. Perhaps I should say that sorry, do not have that many time to accompany it temporarily. But I will not give up flyff.


9.8.08 04:58

A travel in fiesta online

 Played this game was more than a month ago, our bedroom had 4 persons played this game originally. At first was actually 2 persons started to play, one of them played the number of JS, and the other played the number of the bowman. Afterward I also had played with another person, we had no choice. So they made the ZS number directly to me. Another was the master. That friend who played the master not to play a long time and discovered that this number especially easy to hang up, so she did not have the mood to play, but her luck was good, therefore looked for a good husband, change a JS the number to play.
Like this we once had played crazily, but the time has been long, we discovered that this game need a large of RMB to buy fiesta Gold, or you cannot play a little at all. Like this, formerly two friends played this game did not play, only remained me and formerly that master. I and she have been helped by the wood, I think that but for he helped us to play, it is possibly I also did not play the same as the first two friends ~~ ha-ha ~
At present I already have 41 levels, this section of game is the rank has been high, has the duty to do fortunately, do not have the duty to make that not to be able to play. You also can not make fiesta online money and fiesta Gold. Before my promotion waited for the very long time, practiced the level did not to rise several hours. I was insane hardly. Finally I went back the murder werewolf, rose with great difficulty first-level, but if I did not have help of the friend of mine and my boyfriend, need this game also person to play?
Now my rank does not know what time can rise. Certainly this game is very amusing, what a pity is the business agent wants our making money, we must spend our real money to buy many fiesta money. Finally thank the inside human who had helped me, hope that you can play happily. 
9.8.08 04:52

Life in the Lunia

In order to play this Lunia online game ,I search this game in the internet ,according the interesting introduce I know that Lunia gold and Lunia money were used in this game .


The Lunia money just like the RMB in our daily life ,we can use it to buy some goods and equipments what I need .And thses Lunia money is becoming more and more popular .If you wanted to make a good performance in the game ,you can make good use of these Lunia money .Sometimes I played the game was very bad ,and I have no money we only to buy cheap Lunia gold .


When I played the game of Lunia for the first time ,I was very exciting .In this game I known a lot of friends and we have made good friends .Every time I have some matter they would like to help me .In fact the online game has became one of my life .I liked that feeling in the game .We can do many actions such as rush the level ,guess the conundrum and so on .I think these were all interesting .


During playing this game ,I have collected some cheap Lunia gold and cheap Lunia money .I will go on playing the game of Lunia .Because I grow up in this game ,I never give up it .


I hope more and more people join in the game of Lunia ,it worth playing . I think the Lunia will become more and more popular!


Welcome to your joining !




14.7.08 05:13


The cronous is a whole 3D online game what is a classic work by the Lizard company based for the large-scale adaptation of role-playing . This  game put the magical world as the story background and the game style is different from the other online game .In the Cronous gamers can choose four careers as their jobs ,such as barbarians,St-soldiers,magician,female soldiers and so on .It says there will be increase two career what is Druid and souls professional.
The Cronous money has made a great change in this game ,we can use the Cronous cro and Cronous gold ,meanwhile we could buy Cronous cro .And there were many cheap Cronous money ,cheap Cronous gold and cheap Cronous cro in the game market.
In addition the game of Cronous introduced the success factors of the other online game,and but also it created a lot of new game concepts .The game menu was very magnificent .And the clarity game story ,a unique view of game world thinking ,the ever-changing combination props and the spectacular scenes conatruct a large sophisticated game world .
Originally the Cronous was the name of Greek mythology .Cronous was the son of the Uranus and Gaia ,he was in charge of the time and handheld hourglass ,holding a sickle .It symbolized that everything was produced from the time and it was absolutely insurmountable proposition ,which is the Cronous.
Making a good performance in this game is not difficult and you need make good use of the Cronous money and Cronous gold .And the cheap Cronous gold ,cheap cronous money and cheap Cronous cro are not ignored.
14.7.08 05:11

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