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Cabal: this game be over my love journey

Cabal online game let my love journey be over, I do not know I should happy or sad, I am very love you, but you give me much sad. This thing happed in last year winter, in the internet I realize a girl, we chatted were very happy, at that day, I let her become my girlfriend, she was very surprise, but still agree.

   She was very like playing the online game, especially like the Cable, everyday she spend many time to play, some time she did not have enough money to bought the Cabal gold, I often gave her some money, in order to let her in the game happy, I began to play this game, every day we together play, one time consecutive two evenings, I accompany her to play the game, together to killed the monster, slowly her level high than me, in the game if she needs something, I will all met her, although it spend me many Cabal money, but I felt that she worth me to do, she was very happy and sais that I am the best people in the world, when I heard this sentence, I was very happy, hardship all forgot.

  Just because at that day, because I want to earn the Cabal online gold in the game, so I did not help her upgrade, than she was very angry and want to breaking up, slowly because the game friends advised her, we did not breaking up, but at the next day, I need to the game association, because I was the president, must go to the game association, I did not eat something a day, after the killing, I went to the eat, but when I came back, she said the breaking up again, I was very angry, so I delete her hierophant account, because this matter, we can forgive each other.

  I really did not know what things she want to get, in order to her, I began to play the online game, before I never to played the online game, in order to her, I spend much money to bought the Cabal alz, but still let her felt discontented, I really did not know what can I do? Love is so naive, but so painful to lose. You said that I was very hypocritical, but you promised that you will not leave me; maybe you already forget you’re said, but I can not forget.

  I really hope that we can become before, before the days we together to earn the cheap Cabal online Alz, the days we were very happy, I really very like you, but I know that no matter what I say, you will not come back, play this game only hope that you can happy in the game, if you felt that left me you felt happy then I defer to your choose.

  Only hope you happy in the game.

25.8.08 10:37

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