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Dofus: for the love I leave the game

   Leave the dofus the first day, evening with the friends went to drink and drunk, seems that I already forgot all things and he, I did not think anything.

  The next day when I woke up, I felt that had some headache, hangover felt really bad, when I left the game I said that I will never to play the online game again, but in the afternoon I went to the internet again, because I really can not forgot the game dofus kamas and forgot him. When my friends told me that his account was pilfered, lost all things, after heard my heart did not have a special feeling, but a bit fortunate to that my decision was correct, such a man, not worth me pay.

  Dofus give me bring too much joy and sadness, before we can together play, but now he already had another girlfriend, I think that he will effort to earn the cheap dofus kamas to his new girlfriend, although his account was pilfered.

   Many good friends comforted me, many people chide him, I think all things have passed, in the game there is no absolute right or wrong, after all, in the game without any protection of marriage do not have any responsibility, so I think I can left the kamas, however the dofus also bring me many things, now recall, it seems that only had the love, I experienced too much too much.

  Before in the game we did not had enough dofus kama, so our level were not high, but it did not affect our like the game mood, so we still happy everyday, in the game we effort to play hope that we had more and more achat dofus, now this things already passed. In here I want to wish him, now I already gave up you and hope you happy in the game, hope you with your new girlfriend happy, do not like us, I think I can open up my hand, let you find your happiness, wish you in the game happy.

  If you do not play the online game, I think you do not understand my mood, but I believe that a real input in the game people will understand my ideas. In the game do not put your all mood into the game; in the end you will get the most pain, game only was a game although it can give you happy, but I think it was brief, when you left the game you will find that for this game, you gave up many things. Chances already leave you, and do not spend you all money to buy the dofus money, after all this money in the reality was nit had any used.

 Wish all players in the game can happy, but at the same time, please do not neglect your reality. If we really love the game that he (she), please give their courage.

25.8.08 10:38

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