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EVE: my friends I hope you can come back

 Do you know that that day I played you account earn the ISK, suddenly I found that I was very miss you.

 I really hope you can come back and together play, I felt that every night with you killed the monster and earn the Eve online isk was my most happy time in the day, I felt that the day was special relaxed. I was really miss we together play this game last year, we can by our effort to earn the Eve Isk, we wonderful time so such passage, but I will never forget, you are my first online game friend, in the game you helped me much, at that day you told me that you will left the game, I was refrain from my tears, but today when I write this article, I can not keep my tears, since I went to the junior high school, I cry only have twice, first was my grandfather passed away, in January and the second is that because of your left.

 You said that you need to work hard, and did not play the game again, and send me all your Eve online money to me, I was very sad, you said that you should not let your parents despair, but you let me feel the despair, before your said that you will accompany me play the game forever, but you were break your promise. Life is always such a torment, when you felt happy the sad to follow.

  When you play your account, I am cry, in my mind I was very miss before we chatted with each other, However, it is already gone, we have not together fought, in the game I lost the best friend and most intimate friends, in the reality life, I lost the most staunch friends.

  Now in the game when I see another players play with their friends, I am very admire they, but I have no matter, I only can admire they, now I often Buy Cheap Eve online isk with myself, upgrade with self, I feel very lonely, I really hope you can come back.

 If you still play the game, I think we can together to buy eve isk, I do not want lonely, I need you, now you left the game, I do not know whether I still go on to play this game, I really do not know, if you still in the game I have never think that, but now I have some leave idea.

  Although I do not know your name, but I believe that you and your names will be as strong. Now I only can hope you happy in the reality life.

25.8.08 10:39

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