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Last Chaos: Painful choice

I recognize him, I do not know if it is the god arrangement, I also do not say why the god let me recognize. It let me know, but it not let me together with each other, I do not know why, I do not know who can tell me. In this game, Buy LastChaos Gold becomes the thing that I often do. I like to buy things to arm my number.
Love a person is really very difficult, I really do not know that there will be so difficult, and sometimes I really wanted to give up the love of her, but I really love her, I do not care she is not the same love me, I know that love her I must be brought happy to her, I like to see her smile, every time I see she smile when she earn a little Last chaos Gold, I always felt very happy. But I love her; I just give her the endless troubles. My heart in the drop of blood, wounds have been deep. For this feeling, I let her pain every day.
  I think a long time; finally I have to make my choice. For her, no matter what I can change, but I more so, I will bring her more deep suffering. Love a person is to make her happy. I can not for myself to bring her the suffering, I still choose to leave, I do not want to leave the game, and I still like Buy Last Chaos in the game.
  I do not want to leave my friends, in this game I made a lot of friends; after all I played one year. In this game, I know we can make good friends in online game, perhaps they are better than you reality friends, at least I think so. In the game, if you have difficult, they can come to help you without purpose. In reality life, people are reality. But for her I still choose to leave; I will remember those friends forever. You are always my good friends. I really hope she can return to the past, the smiling face every day are hung, I think about the past, at first we together upgrade and earn Cheap Lastchaos money, at that time, you are so happy. But now you are sad, I really hate myself; I do not know why I can not bring happiness to her and why I only can choose to leave.
  Perhaps in the network, I stay too long; I can not waving form the wings of the reality of this virtual world. The more I think to leave, the more I could not escape. The hard struggle, I do not know for what. I really do not want to give up; after all we have been concerted efforts. I could not bear to give up. But I do not know if you can give me a chance again. So I only can choose leave.
26.8.08 07:38

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