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LOTRO: Forever pain of my heart

I recognized you in a very fortuitous opportunity. When we are upgrade and earn Lord of The Ring Online gold, we asked where everyone from, and then because we are from the same place, we met, until later we acquaintance.
I remembered that I just know you, you have wife, and because my husband did not play the game, the spouse of a column vacant for the time being, you often told me something about you and your wife. You often told me how do you love you wife, later, your wife ignore you, you divorce, you feel sad, you all in all, you always share with me when we upgrade and earn cheap LOTRO Gold together.
Later, one day, you suddenly told me that you like me, and I have never thought such a day, then I was at a loss. I wanted to avoid you, but because of your insistence, you actually buy LOTRO Gold send to me. I gradually accepted the fitness of you, when I am prepared to completely accept you, you told me that you like other people, she is my friend, then I did not say anything, just give you a blessing.
You with her sweet days not long after, because she tried of you, you break up. Then you told me that you have discussed your future, you also said you have the opportunity of together with each other, but ultimately, you still could not together. I know you are very sad, I have always been comfort you around you all, I would like to tell you, no matter, you also have me, and I will always have been concerned about you in your side. I will never leave you forever.
Later, we really developed into a lover, but my heart has always been a thorn. I am afraid she will come back to find you, because I heard that she was cheated by a person, and then she always said how you well to her, you always send her LOTRO money, she even said she would like to come back to find you. In fact, this is worry not because I have not confident to you, but not for my own confidence. We have been very happy, although I often because of trivial matters and quarrel with you, but you always very patient to coax me, I am very touched, really, at the same time, I found I more and more like you.
But I worry that thing took place, you still return to her side, ever for her lie to me. In order to accompany her, you always ignore me, finally, I still feel sad, desperate. I do not know you as me what. Now I choose to leave, forever leave. I am sorry, I have said that no matter what I will not leave your side, but I really can not do now, I can no longer keep its promise to you. I am sorry that I left, I hope you always have been so beyond happy and I sincerely hope you can be a long time with her.
26.8.08 07:39

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