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LOTRO: A lifetime of memories

  I suddenly thought of LOTRO, that I spent the two days of LOTRO, although I have not played for several years. Now I have to try to find the mark, at one time, I also spent some money to buy LOTRO Gold, but I do not have anywhere to be found, my heart endless loss.
  Remember that time, it also have many happy. At first I did not know how to play the game; I know this game is from the internet. Once online, I looked in the internet, I find many people are playing this game, so I also played the game. At first, I did not know how to play the game, and I also have no cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold. Every time I see other people have beautiful clothes, I am very envious. Slowly by friends take, I know how to play the game.
In the game, at that time, I made a lot of friends. I also remember when every time I hit on monster and LOTRO Gold. Every time they always happy for me. I am really very happy. I may not forget all my live. My figure walks around the LOTRO.
  In this fantasy world, I have to find a long friendship. Every day I upgrade, earn Lord Of The Rings Gold and chat, I really feel relax. Until today, the game friends are still never abandoning your beloved, LOTRO let me have so many friends, and it brings me many happy. May be I am a person nostalgic for the game, I can not forget that it carries too much of my memory.
  The emergence of WG to undermine everything destroyed the original balance. When the first time my number was stolen, I looked at the empty warehouse, equipment was looted, and my heart is infinite pain. Later, in my friends help, I have new equipment. My friends said to me we play the game from begin. Later, they took me to play the game every day. Slowly, I forgot that thing. I find the happy as before. My level is the lowest, there is one thing I will only be able to hide behind, I know some people will protect me, and I am very happy.

  But not too long, WG become more terrible. We do not go on playing more and more and I do not know that I have come to LOTRO the way the head. After many years I would like to go to see when I look, but I have not found it. I think it, LOTRO.

28.10.08 03:22

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