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Mabinogi: My future is not a dream

  Today online games give us a false impression, as if the game is mainly is mainly a pure battle of the game, but not fighting the online games that children play a game every family. Now most of the online games are defines, and a monster, and the NPC fight, and fight players, personal PK, trade unions fighting the war even.

  Other elements of the game, although there are some such as upgrading of equipment, sell to the sale, and earn much mabinogi gold, the keeping of pets. In order to fight these monsters are also doing preparatory work. The pure fighting online games, playing a long time certainly would be very boring.
  Mabinogi in the world, fighting not only to the sole purpose of the game, players can also engage in the work of many non combatants to the game. NPC can be received in the various part time works, and the players themselves can also be done through the textile clothing, and the production of weapons through Wrought Iron, a concert by composer. Players do not fight monsters, upgrading and earn cheap mabinogi, but also playing very happy.
  Mabinogi is a Q version of online games, she create a better life to reflect the true world. Mabinogi and the basic laws of the world similar to real life, but a higher degree of freedom, can give players more space and imagination play space. In the real life, people must use money to buy thing, in this game it also like this; you can use money to buy mabinogi gold, then you use it to buy things. Mabinogi set in the context of the world are living with the real world of similar age, the small remote mountain village, the quiet town of game characters is the main place of residence. This set gives people a warm feeling, even if in the game you can not earn more mabinogi money, you also can feel the feeling, as if players are here to vacation or travel, which for most of the fast paced urban life in the people; it is a yearning for luxury thing.
  The virtual world of basic content must also be consistent with real life, such as the need to eat, rest, recreation, also need to work and study, it also use mabinogi online gold to buy things. In reality yes, there are also in the game. In real life, as some objective reasons, a person experience is very narrow, but the game is different, as long as you wish, can do anything. In the game only you can not think of, no you can not. In this virtual environment can be reflected in the audience to life in peacetime or not difficult to get the enjoyment and pleasure. Therefore, I can be in the game to sing loudly: my future is not a dream.


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